Monday, January 14, 2013

American Girl Doll Wedding Dress

I purchased this pattern when it was still available in digital format at Annie's Attic. You can still find the pattern to purchase here.

I was not necessarily interested in making a wedding gown. What drew me to this pattern were the fingerless gloves. I have other plans for these gloves to use with other outfits. However, as I started working on the gown, I came to like it.

I did have trouble finding the plastic baby headband needed for the headpiece. I can see why they suggest using a plastic one as would be easier to assemble. I went to several craft stores and could not locate one. Instead, I found a Springfield doll headband, which was covered. This meant I could not assemble and slide the headband through the crochet headpiece. I had to assemble it around it at a certain point. I do not want to give away any trade secrets, so I will not explain any further. However, if you purchase the pattern and cannot find the plastic headband, you can make the Springfield headband work with some altering of the directions.

This is the first outfit I finished for my yearly doll donation. It felt good this past Christmas morning to know there were a couple of girls out there that had well dressed dolls under the tree this Christmas. This is what they mean about getting more out of volunteering than what you give. I loved making the clothes and I really enjoyed the feeling on Christmas morning. As soon as I finished Litwick I got started on this outfit. I have ordered an online kit from Mary Maxim, so I already have my first doll. I am going to expand to working with baby dolls this year. I know baby dolls are also popular so I am going to see what I can accomplish before my donations are due next December.

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