Wednesday, January 23, 2013

American Girl Doll Two Piece Bathing Suit

As part of the Mary Maxim doll kit, Gracie's Day at the Beach, I got another bathing suit pattern. This one was a two-piece set made from the Seafoam Ultra Mellospun DK used for the dress and bag pattern in the main outfit. I was pleasantly surprised to find this pattern as it is not listed in the description of the kit online. I used the leftover yarn from the dress and the pattern for a beach towel that is part of another pattern set found here, to add to the outfit.

I am pleased I was able to complete a bathing suit for each of the donation dolls without having to repeat a pattern. I had not counted on that when I ordered this kit.

I am also thinking I have discovered an easy underwear pattern. Some of the dresses really do need panties and I have yet to find a simple pattern. This pattern worked up easily and would fill the need for modesty required by some of the outfits.

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C.Mahan said...

I can see you making a few of these sets with your scraps of yarn! All different colors. I think it would be great for panties too. I learned with the AG and similar type dolls you can never have too many under type garments.

C. Wilson said...

This would be such a fun thing to get into if I had the time. You are very talented!

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