Monday, January 28, 2013

American Girl Overalls

This set was created using Maggie's Crochet Megan and Max pattern. It had been on my list of patterns to purchase for a while and this Christmas it appeared under my tree. The overalls require a bulky weight, which is acquired in the pattern directions by mixing weights. I have never enjoyed crocheting with two yarns, so I experimented with a 5 weight Bucillica Alpaca and found it worked. It did give me a new appreciation for acrylic and cotton yarn as I ended up with wool splinters under my nails. I was working on this project at the same time I was working on a thread dress pattern and found the wool to be quite abrasive after the thread. I was also reminded about the weight difference as I went from thread to the heavier yarn.

I was introduced to sewable Velcro for this project. I had heard about it, but never located any until recently. While easier to sew than the stickable Velcro it still has its moments. I can see where it would be useful for little hands that find tight buttons and snaps challenging to use when dressing dolls. For certain projects buttons and snaps just don't quite fit, so I suspect I will find a use for it again.

I'm continuing to work on doll clothes and holiday ami's so Max the dog, his house, and accessories will have to wait. However, I do plan to finish them before the donation is due. I like the patterns that have more than just the clothes for the kids to play with to donate.

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