Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby Doll Bath Set

I decided to add baby dolls to my donation this year. The timing worked out that I was able to pick up two Melissa & Doug Jenna - 12" Dolls on after Christmas clearance. I had purchased this doll bath pattern set a while back and never got to making any of the items. It is available at Maggie's Crochet here. As I started thinking about my doll projects for the coming year, I liked the idea of a crocheted bath set. Accessories always make dolls more fun to play with and this set has those.

One of the exciting discoveries for me is that I can crochet with thread using Susan Bates Bamboo Steelite Size 7 and size 10 thread. I am in the early stages yet, but I found that with the larger handle I was able to make the soap in thread after making a larger one using sports yarn. Since I am also planning a 15" doll donation, I will use the larger items for that doll. I am quite excited about this step. I used a Christmas gift card from Joann’s to get the thread to try out a doll thread pattern that I have wanted to make for some time, but never thought it would be possible. Only time will tell. It is a long way from a soap bar to a doll's dress, but it is a start. I have been so certain I would never get to do any thread projects that I am delighted to have found a tool that works for me.

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C. Wilson said...

That is really cool that you know how to do something like that! So cute too and yes, accessories do make things more fun.

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