Friday, March 20, 2020

Flashback Friday Easter Projects 2019

I don't generally do Flashback posts but as I was researching what to make for Easter this year I went back to look at what I made last year as a reference and realized I never posted what I made as a record for times like this when I can't remember what I made. So this is for me so next year when I want to look back and remember what have I already made and sent I have a searchable record with links to patterns.

I've always loved patterns that give kids more than just a stuffed animal. It doesn't hurt that it provides storage too. This is a fun free pattern you can find here. The pattern shows room for multiple bunnies mine only had room for one, which wasn't the end of the world for me. I suspect with some work you can make it larger to accommodate more bunnies.

The bunny puppets were from a free pattern found here. Learning from this project I remade them and posted about the project last week. The eggs come from a dinosaur egg pattern you can purchase here. I was going to do dino and dragon eggs last year and never got to it.

Cowboy Billy has been a favorite Easter pattern of mine for quite some time. He can be purchased here. Just because he's a duck he doesn't need to be an Easter pattern, but I find there are lots of non-holiday patterns. I love finding unique patterns that will work for holiday themes. A western themed duck has proven on several occasions to be just the right choice for an Easter basket.

Petunia the Purple Bunny Ballerina was the April Bonus Pattern from the 2018 Crochet Calendar. I do rather miss that annual publication. I always got a couple doll and ami patterns to add to my pattern collection from it.

From the pictures I was looking through this appears to be the package from last year and now I have the links to reference too. This blog is my reference point for old projects. So adding this post will help me keep track of items made and remember where I found the patterns should I be looking again.

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