Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Lots to Love 8 Inch Romper

Mary Maxim has released a bunch of their doll kit patterns as digital downloads and when you catch them on sale the prices are quite reasonable. This pattern is called Baby Blue Doll if you need to look it up and it is available for purchase here. These patterns are frequently on sale so if you miss a sale and can wait it is worth it to stock up on the patterns you want.

I've worked with the 5 inch Lots to Love dolls but never the 8 inch. This was a fun simple project. The pattern called for fingering yarn but I decided to try the baby sport yarn I've been trying so hard to finish off and it made gauge with the suggested D hook. The only thing I changed for this project is I didn't add the arms. I found the dolls arms to be some what stiff and while the clothing wasn't tight, I did find maneuvering the outfit over the arms to be more challenging than I'd expected. I decided adding the arms would just make this harder for small hands. I used a snap rather than a button to close the back as I have limited smaller buttons in my supply.

I'm thinking of modifying this pattern to make a little dress as another outfit to donate with the doll. If I eliminate the split for the legs this would make a cute little dress.

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