Monday, November 16, 2020

Lots to Love 8 Inch Pilgrim Boy

While I've primarily been working on Thanksgiving projects to mail out, I have made a few items for my own house.

This is the fourth doll I've completed for my holiday Lots to Love 8 Inch dolls.

This time I used an out of print House of White Birches leaflet Holiday Baby Dolls pattern number 101102. Sadly this one hasn't been made available as a digital pattern yet in any location I could find.

As they published more patterns for these dolls I am hoping at some point they are released as I'd love to have copies of them.

While they are designed for a specific 9 1/2 inch baby doll with work this outfit fit the Lots to Love 8 inch doll. The Lots to Love have a generous stomach and when working with patterns one has to work around that.

For this outfit that meant using worsted weight yarn for the pants and the jacket. I added chains until the chain reached around the baby's waist. The original pattern was not large enough to accomadate the wider stomach of the Lots to Love doll even though the doll in the pattern is technically a larger doll. Measurements are everything. The body of the jacket fit well using worsted weight acrylic yarn, but I had to shorten the sleeves only doing the first 2 rows of the sleeve before doing the reducing rows.

The collar, sleeve cuffs and belt required a lighter yarn, so I used Omega Sinfonia cotton sport yarn for those items. They were too heavy made in acrylic. I knew going in I was going to use sport yarn for the collar and the cuffs. I tried the belt with worsted acrylic and determined it was too bulky for the doll.

I love these shoes. Each of these dolls has slightly different shaped feet so you never quite know how the shoes will fit. This is probably the most pointy toed doll I've worked with to date and the shoes fit perfectly. Unlike the hat which was constantly falling off while I was working on the doll, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the shoes stayed on the doll even when moving it around.

This holiday doll project has been fun and one I plan on continuing into next year. Time to order more dolls!!!

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Naush said...

Oh Wow !!! Your little Pilgrim Boy is the cutest.
Much love from Meraki Link Party.

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