Friday, November 20, 2020

Aztec Wishes Donation 2020

I just want to send out a THANK YOU to all my friends at Crochetville for their amazing generosity that makes this such a great donation drive every year. It is always so much fun to be the person that gets to deliver the stuff but honestly all of you do so much to make it happen.

It was a bit of a different situation this year with COVID. The tech school that normally takes our donations and works with the agency that distributes the toys had to cancel the drive due to COVID restrictions.

Schools have been switching from hybrid models to vitual models in this area. Therefore, drive was just not going to be practical this year. I sensed this was going to be the case in the fall and contaced the teacher that runs the program in October. She was able to put me in contact with the woman that runs the agency and last Friday we were able to drop off 9 boxes of dolls, doll clothing, and accessories as well as a bag of dolls that wouldn't fit in any of the boxes I had in my house.

The need is perhaps greater this year than in any of the over decade of years I've been donating to this drive. I was happy we will be able to make Christmas morning a bit brighter with some well dressed dolls.

Once my own Christmas boxes set off on their journey, it will be time to start up the Aztec donations for next year when hopefully we will return to the high school.


Lois Evensen said...

What a fabulous project. Bless you.

XmasDolly said...

How wonderful! I wish I would've known, but if ever I need someone to do for me... well, you see I'm disabled & my husband does all the running in the house, but to make myself useful I crochet also. My children & grandchildren will get crocheted items this year for Christmas so I better get back to it. God bless you for getting/managing such a wonderful cause. Happy Thanksgiving & what a wonderful cause. God bless you & be healthy, be safe and don't forget that mask!

Sheltie Times said...

We are already preparing for next year. Got my first shipment of doll clothes today for next year.

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