Monday, September 13, 2021

Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll Spring Set

I was very pleased to find out Amy Carrico had released more of her 8 and 14 inch doll patterns to her Etsy store. She had a large selection of baby doll clothes and then disappeared for a bit. When she came back she'd had a limited supply of patterns and I bought what I could. This time I splurged buying most of the patterns she's currently offering that I don't have for the 8 and 14 inch dolls. I have a few more to pick up but I'm thrilled with my options for new projects.

This pattern is her Berenguer Baby Spring Set and you can purchase it here.

The outfit is made with Lion Brand Yarn Babysoft Yarn, Little Girl Pink and Bernat Big Ball Baby Sport Yarn, Tiny Tulips. I like the donation clothes to be easy to take on and off so I made the first 2 rows of both the dress and the sweater and the dress with a G hook switching to an E hook once the arm holes were complete.

I added a chain 3 trim to the sweater arms for decorative purposes.

I'm looking into adapting this for the Rag Doll.

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Cheryl said...

That is a sweet item. You are clever. #mmbc

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