Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lots to Love 8 Inch Sweater Set

When the Red Heart Sport Comfort Yarn didn't work to resize the sweater set found in the free Berenguer Baby Layette pattern here for the 8 inch Lots to Love baby doll I decided to try a supply of Knit Picks Palette yarn that I'd purchased but never fully utilized for doll clothes as I'd intended.

I used an e hook for everything but the booties which I used an f hook. I was watching tv when working on the trim for this sweater and forgot to make the button holes which is why it uses snaps instead of buttons.

As with the Lil Cutesies Baby Doll I had to shape the bonnet by stopping the rounds and working in rows once the rounds reached the size of the head. I also did a chain 3 trim around the arms.

I made simple pants for the outfit crocheting over an elastic ponytail band and splitting for the legs when I reached the crotch. The legs also are trimed with a chain 3.

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