Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lots to Love 10 Inch Doll Sweetly Dress

You might have noticed I've been working alternating between the smaller baby dolls and Barbie's clan to make sure I catch up on donations for these dolls. This is another outfit from the free Sweetly pattern set found here.

Guage has been kind of funny this year with this set but while I've used smaller hooks for other patterns in the set this year I went with a g hook as suggested for everything but the shoes and I adapted the shoes using an f hook. I turned the bootie pattern into shoes. I've found they stay on the doll a bit easier.

I went with a contrasting yellow for this set because I'd made a pink bonnet for the other set I'm sending with the 10 inch doll and thought some variety might be nice. The pink worked better than the yellow with the variegated yarn I wanted to use, but the yellow was a nice contrast for the bonnet, panties, and shoes. There's one more set with another bonnet so I'm going to have to see what colors I have left to make a different colored bonnet so the child ends up with mix and match options for dressing the doll.

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