Friday, June 10, 2022

Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll Dress, Hat, and Shoe Set

This has been a bit of a crazy year for getting either my gift or charity crocheting done but I'm still pushing forward when I can. I keep looking at my preposted finished donation page to get an overall perspective of what I've made and what has yet to be done. I noticed the Lots to Love 14" Doll was lacking clothing so it seemed like a good time to pull some patterns and focus on getting the doll dressed.

This pattern can be purchased from Petite Creative Designs here.

I used Bernat Big Baby Yarn and Herschnerrs Baby Yarn for the outfit. I'm finding myself using more of Herschners yarns for my smaller doll projects as even their worsted weight yarns are slightly lighter than what I tend to think of as worsted weight and often work for projects where a traditional worsted weight yarn would be too heavy. They often have colors I find challenging to find in the various weights I need as well. The yarns are generally inexpensive, the challenge is waiting for shipping deals as the shipping even prior to COVID has always been expensive.

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