Monday, June 27, 2022

Lots to Love 10 Inch Doll Sweetly Sweater Set

One reason for writing this blog is it gives me notes about how I approached a project the last time I made it. However, it doesn't mean those directions will apply again. I looked up my project notes for this outfit and found myself abandoning them as the outfit didn't even fit the 8 inch Lots to Love doll when I was done. So either my directions were wrong, the yarn was not what I thought I had used, or my guage was really weird last year for this project.

Anyways this year I used Bernat Baby Sport yarn and an f hook for the outift.

The sweater and bonnet pattern I followed as written other than using an f hook and baby yarn. Other than Amy Carrico's footed pajama's I tend to make my pants top down splitting for the crotch and I did that for these pants as well.

I did change the shoe pattern as for some reason the booties weren't working for me. I crocheted the first 3 rounds using an f hook. Round 4 was done in sc in back loops. I did another round in sc. Then I decreased 4 times around the toes with sc for rest of last row.

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