Friday, June 17, 2022

Lil Cutesies Spring Set

I set out to make Amy Carrico's Spring Set for the Lots to Love 8 inch doll. As has been my issue lately it didn't quite fit the 8 inch doll. Thankfully, the Lil Cuties doll is a bit larger and the dress fit better, so I added the dress to her donation and finished the outfit to fit her.

I'd made this for the 8 inch doll with different yarn brands before so I'll be experimenting to get this outfit to donate for the Lots to Love doll as well. I tried using a smaller hook only to find the dress was too small so I suspect using different yarn was likely my challenge.

Project notes:

I used baby yarn for this project.

I alternated between a b and c hook for the dress and sweater. I used a C hook for the bodice of the dress as a b made the dress too small for even the 8 inch Lots to Love Doll. I used a b hook for the skirt. I used a C hook for the body of the sweater and a b hook for the arms. The shoes were made with a b hook. The Little Cutesies dolls have a significantly larger head than the Lots to Love dolls so I needed to go up to a G hook to get the headband to fit.

I made a note the last time I made this dress that the buttons were no longer available. I checked as of this writing and the La Mode 5 pk 1/4in Round Pearl Buttons are available again at Joann's. I am half way through this card so I will order some on my next Joann's order.

The pattern is available for purchase here.

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SUZI said...

so very cute....I was trying to croche again but my hands will not cooperate

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