Tuesday, June 7, 2022

My Life Casual Sweater Set

While I love including fancy outfits with the doll donations I also try to include simple outfits that a child can mix and match to have options for individual styles for the doll. This was a quick set to make that added some fun touches.

The pants are more of a leggings style than the pants I generally make for the doll as they fit a little more snuggly. I suspect kids will relate to the style. The boots were another cute touch to the outfit and these items will mix and match with other items that will be a part of the donation.

This was made using Adoring Doll's Casual Sweater Set that can be purchased here. I used an H hook for this project and various brands of acrylic worsted weight 4 yarn. I keep buying buttons when I find them on sale or need an additional item to make minimal shipping charges so I thankfully had heart buttons to use for this project.

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