Wednesday, June 22, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll I Feel Pretty

Over the years I've found that Herrschners house brands of yarn work well for my doll projects that need a little lighter weight yarns than I can normally find at my local stores. Their worsted 4 weight yarns for instance are a little lighter than a traditional 4 weight and I find this often works well for certain patterns where the doll or pattern are not right for baby or sport yarn but also find the traditional worsted 4 just a bit heavy for the project. While the price for the acrylic yarn is affordable for the doll projects, although often in smaller quantities than other worsted brands the shipping can be a bit daunting. Therefore I tend to buy when they send me shipping coupons.

That is what brought about the color choices for this outfit. I knew I wanted some additional lighter weight variegated Herrschners worsted 4 yarns for doll projects and I ordered some the last time I had a coupon. One of the challenges that happens when you order online, especially with variegated colors is can't always be sure of the colors you are ordering. This is Prism and while I like the look for this dress this wasn't quite the color I thought I'd ordered and when I went back and looked again I still don't quite see this as the outcome but it works.

This is one of Darski's free doll patterns I Feel Pretty you can find here. The shoes are my go to free shoe pattern from Darski found in her Peachy Keen pattern here.

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