Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Rag Doll Patriotic

Like the Glitter Girl Christmas dress this project started as an outfit for the My Life Doll and after playing with hook sizes it seemed like it was a better fit for the Rag Doll than the 18-inch My Life Doll.

I used a G hook for the pants and an I hook for the top. The stars required a C hook.

While I was disappointed the outfit didn't work out for the My Life doll I was glad to find another outfit for the Rag Doll as it is always a matter of finding patterns that will fit the doll. There are no patterns for this doll so it is always a matter of adapting patterns. When one fits like this, it is always a blessing not to waste the work.

Pattern Note:

The pattern calls for sewing on one side of the strap and sewing buttons a button on the inside of one strap and sewing buttons to the front for show on the bib. Instead I used a snap as I figured it would be easier for a child to attach.

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