Monday, January 2, 2023

Glitter Girl Sleeping Bag

I saw a camping pattern set for both the 18 inch and 14 inch dolls at Adoring Dolls and it immediately went on my Christmas wish list.

I was quite happy to find it on Christmas morning and I decided to start with the sleeping bag for the Glitter Girl doll as her donation bag is often not as filled as those of the 18 inch dolls. You can purchase the camping pattern here. It is also sold separately by size in her store if you don't want both patterns.


I used an I hook and still added a few rows to get the length I wanted. I attribute this to my odd guage. Another note to myself as one of the pictures kept throwing me fold up.

This pattern works up quickly and is helping me with adding to my goal of giving some additional creative play options along with the dolls and their clothes.

This set comes with wood, a flashlight, and some clothing. I'm going to try to add the wood and the clothes. I'm picking up some camping sets to send off with the donation that will include flashlights so I don't think I'll be making those this year, but its good to have the patterns because you never know what will be available in other years. If I can't find a Barbie set I may try the flashlight in thread.

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