Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stacie Swim Suit

After making Charpatterns bathing suit for Chelsea which you can purchase here, I began wondering if I could adapt it to fit Stacie.

In the past I've primarily adapted Skipper patterns to fit Stacie as there are not many patterns designed to fit the modern Stacie. However I don't have a swim suit pattern suited for Skipper and was thinking of adapting a Barbie suit for her this year.

I tried the bottom of Chelsea's suit on and realized it was too small but it showed promise for adaptation.


My notes are not specific and intended only for myself for reference for next year as a starting point.

I used size 10 thread instead of size 20 thread called for in the pattern for Chelsea's suit.

I stuck with the Tulip Etimo 1.25mm Thread hook I'd used with the Chelsea suit.

I increased the crotch rows in the front until they reached the hip bones for Stacie. I need to record a stitch count next time. I matched this in the back and this eventually required a decrease row after the swim suit was joined as it was just a bit loose. I sc 3 and decreased.

I added an additional dc row for the skirt and I'd do the same with Chelsea's the next time as well.

I did a finishing row outside the leg holes and did some decreases to make it a little tighter.

As Stacey is longer in the torso I added additional rows in the front panel before decreasing.

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