Thursday, October 15, 2020

Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Bottom

Now we come to the last decorated portion of the Leisure Arts Busy Baby BoxesFarm cube. As I've begun working on the finger puppets I am considering adding a pocket to the roof to hold the finger puppets. Not sure how that will work. Another option would be to attach a bag. My one concern is that while the pockets are a fun place for a child to put the puppets while playing, they aren't a storage option. Lost puppets make for a dull toy.

This section is the pig pen and the dark green and lime green both are open for puppets to hang out. The brown circle area is the pig pen. I did end up altering the pattern for the green areas as I couldn't get mine to work out as detailed so I designed ones that worked for me. While I am really glad I put the extra support of plastic canvas in for the walls I will say putting the details in like the lazy daisy stich for the sunflower were not a good deal of fun working through the plastic canvas once the block was put together. It is something to consider if you decide to make you make this project.

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