Monday, October 26, 2020

Square Crow Garland Finished

If you've been following this blog you might have thought I abandoned the square crows. I didn't. My promise to myself was that when the October birthday and Halloween boxes were gone that I'd finish off the garland so I could have it up before Halloween to keep up through Thanksgiving.

I had a hard time getting a good picture of them once they were hanging. My cell phone couldn't capture them at all. Even with our camera the shot wasn't all I'd hoped for. Thankfully the garland is as cute as I'd hoped for and I'm glad to have it cheering up my house

In order to finish the last 3 square crows quickly I decided on a factory approach. I finished legs, than main bodies, moved on to heads, than hats. It was an efficient method and I didn't have the challenge of starting all over and repeating the same pattern once again.

The 80 inch chain worked out to be a good distance for where I wanted to hang the garland and I'll want to remember that for the next garland I make. I've come to enjoy having garlands for this area since I made one for Easter.

For those you who are curious the hats do work rather well to keep the square crows in place once they are hanging up and you move them into the positions you want. You can slide them into place to create the spacing you wish.

This pattern was found in Crochet World's October 2020 magazine.


Jayne said...

I remember when you started this. The finished garland looks brilliant and I love how cute the little 'Square Crows' are.

Have a fab week! :)

Kim Carberry said...

Aww! These are so cute and are perfect for this time of year x

Kimberly said...

It amazes me what beautiful items you crochet. I love crochet but it's something that I'm terrible at! The garland looks great. Hats off to you and thanks for sharing this at our #HomeMattersParty

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