Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 2

For some foolish reason when I looked at the pictures I thought this side of the farm Busy Baby Boxeswas going to be easy. Foolish me. Honestly the tree was pretty straight forward. The windows not so bad, although a little challenging to sew on with the plastic canvas behind the barn for some reason. What my brain would not wrap its head around was the joining the fence posts. I could have just sewed them together but being in a stubborn mood I was determined to follow the directions and figure out how to crochet them together. Well they are together. If I do this again, I'd likely just sew them. It would have been easier in the long run.

Another change I'd make is I would sew down the middle of the posts when attaching them as to leave more room for the puppets to fit in the fence openings. I have this need to make sure things don't fall off so I tend to try to attach things tightly but in this case I think it is over tight and would do better looser.

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