Monday, October 12, 2020

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hand Puppet

When I posted the cygnet last week I thought The Ugly Ducklingwould be my last new project for this birthday box. I still have to finish up projects but I was sure this would be the last set or single item that would be started. Then I saw a free pattern for a hand puppet to go with the ami I'd already made to go with The Very Hungry Caterpillarand I couldn't resist. Especially when I realized I had the colors I needed right in my stash.

You can find the free hand puppet pattern here. For those of you interested there is a free finger puppet pattern here too. I almost wish I'd found the finger puppet pattern first but I'm not sure I have the same colors available so perhaps it is for the best that I went with the hand puppet. For my own reference there are free stuffy patterns that closer to the book than the one I used here and here if I decide to make this project again. I often find myself searching my blog posts when I am trying to remember what I made and where I found the pattern. Leaving myself suggestions about where else to looks seems like a great decision

As always I did change this pattern to fit my purposes. This pattern is written so you can make it as a puppet or a stuffed animal. I wanted the puppet but in making the puppet I realized the head needed to be stuffed and closed to support the head to avoid it being top heavy. To accomplish this I added a final sc in the front loops leaving the back loops open for sewing. I then crocheted a round panel that would fit in the hole left by that last row of sc and after stuffing the head I sewed the head section closed. This allowed there to be more support for the antenna and the overall weight of the head. By adding a row sc in front loops I was able to continue the pattern into the body while still closing off the head.

I've been using more of Joann's Big Twist worsted weight yarn as it is inexpensive and they have a wide selection of colors that I often can't find. I picked up Peackcock recently at an online sale and I was thrilled that it was the shade I wanted for this project. I had previously tried various turquoise colors of different brands and hadn't been happy with the outcome. Again I note this because it will be nice to remember what I used when I come back to this project at a later date. The other colors are colors I've been using for years from a variety of yarn companies.

I used three different shades of green for the body and I added a section to the body to finish in Peacock, since I closed off the head and the hand would no longer be able to access the head. This just gives a little more room for parents to use the puppets with kids, too.


Jayne said...

This is just brilliant! I love making toys that can be used alongside storybooks, it just makes the story so much more fun for little ones.

Dee | Grammy's Grid said...

How cute! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 17.

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