Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sheep Finger Puppet

I love the design of the puppets from Leisure Arts Busy Baby Boxesbecause they are very different from the traditional in the round style of puppet I normally make. It allows me just a little more access when working on the faces or adding details to the back side of a puppet.

If you've been following this project you might notice some changes to this side of the barn. First I added a pocket to the roof of the house which I'd mentioned I might do to hold the puppets. I contimplated putting a top on it but the puppets stayed in this pocket despite me shaking the block so I though the open pocket would be easier for little hands to get to the puppets without adult help. So I left it open.

The second change you might notice is the fence is a little more saggy than before. I mentioned in the previous post I found the spaces were a bit tight for the puppets to fit in and that kept bothering me. When I was working on the pocket I decided I had to make this project as kid friendly as I could and I made the choice to make the fence wider so the puppets could be placed easily in and out. It looks less like a fence but it is more focused on actual play than looks with this addition.

I took a bunch of pictures when I finally finished this project to send with the cube to demonstrate what all the pockets could do and I'm sure the child will discover even more.

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