Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Girl Doll Crochet Dress

I was searching for a very simple dress for my first attempt at an American Girl pattern. My model and the doll owned by the child I am making clothes for is a Springfield doll. I started with the idea that patterns would likely be based on the designer's own crocheting style and the specific dolls they work with and expected adjustments.

The pattern I stared with is a free wedding pattern. This pattern and others can be found in the American Girl Free Pattern Links page. I realized my crocheting style or the doll this pattern was originally designed for were not compatible as written. I worked the upper part of the gown as written and the poor doll could not squeeze in. So, I increased the hook size. While the doll could get into the gown, there was a sizeable gap in the back. I increased my chain by eight stitches to accommodate the width of the doll. When making the next doll I would decrease this by at least two chains, as the dress was too large with eight.

I chose green and I shortened the dress because I was looking for a basic doll dress, not a wedding gown and it suited my purposes. It is actually an easy dress for the child to put on and take off. I am thinking about adding sleeves on my next attempt once I have the exact chains nailed down.

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