Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amigurumi Farm

This farm project was a fun, creative learning experience. I was excited about the way each project developed and thrilled by the reaction the projects received. The highest compliment I received was a comparison to Fisher Price, which is what I was aiming for when I first saw this pattern online and purchased it. I thought it would be great to recreate the Fisher Price Farm in crochet. While it lacks a real barn, I think these animals would fit in any barn play structure a child might have to play with and these animals would be a great addition to any play set.
Like the dinosaurs, I already have another set scheduled to make for Christmas. The small yarn requirements and the fact I already have purchased the pattern, make it a great economical choice to add to my Christmas present stash. I have learned a few new tricks since this project began that should make the next set even better than the first.

If you want to see the individual blog entries and additional pictures for this project see the links below.

Amigurumi Pig

Amigurumi Chicken or Rooster

Amigurumi Goose

Amigurumi Cow

Amigurumi Horse

Down on the Farm

This is an out of print pattern. For those who are looking it is Annie's Pattern Club Pattern, 87B54 Down on the Farm.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

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