Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fashion Doll Sock Yarn Dress

As I stated in an earlier entry, my journey with doll clothes has led me on a search for fingering yarn and acceptable alternatives. I went to a knitting store and purchased the sock yarn used in the skirt of this dress. The pattern is the same basic pattern as the Peasant Dress I wrote about earlier. However, for the sake of this experiment, and the cost of the yarn, I opted for a summer dress by shortening the skirt and not adding an apron. I left the sleeves off the gown.

This was a wool based sock yarn and I enjoyed working with it although it was more challenging than the acrylic yarns I normally crochet with for doll clothes. It split easily, which was challenging. I learned to work with it as I progressed through the skirt. I liked the look, but the feel is much different from traditional fingering yarn. I have ordered some less expensive brands of sock yarn over the Internet to try on some retired patterns I have purchased recently, so I will have a chance to see how they work. I have also ordered some Lustersheen yarn to see how that works, as well.

I have just about filled the birthday order with this outfit. I am not sure I will have time to complete anything else prior to shipment.

This dress is based on the Polish Peasant Dress in Fashion Doll Wardrobe International 87D10.

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Draw For Joy said...

Very beautiful. It looks just like a real dress.

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