Monday, May 10, 2010

Fashion Doll Polish Peasant Dress

One of the challenges I faced when I started this pattern was the realization that fingering yarn is not as easy to acquire as it once was in local stores. I have since been experimenting with alternatives and trying to buy equivalents online, but it has been challenging. This gown was made with remnants of yarn purchased at a Church sale. Unfortunately, while I had enough to finish the dress, I had to finish the apron in white. Somehow, it seemed like a realistic solution that might have been made if someone had in fact run out of the required resources. If I can find the right pattern of variegated fingering yarn, I would love to match the original pattern as it makes a pretty outfit. This was fairly close to the look I wanted, just lacked enough yarn.

The pattern used to make this outfit is the Polish Peasant Dress by Frances Morse. It can be found in the out of print Fashion Wardrobe International 87D10, Annie’s Pattern Club, published by Annie’s Attic, 1983.

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