Monday, May 3, 2010

Amigurumi Horse

I picked up a tip on working with tassels reading an Ami blog today that I wished I had read prior to working on the horse. I tried to find the link to add here and I will edit if I can find it again for anyone else who struggles with tassels and sewing them to creatures. I think it will make a big difference as I approach my next project with a tassel tail. The directions for this one were rather vague. A challenge when it is your first one.

Here's the link as promised Lucy Can Crochet

Another issue with this project was the shape of the horse's face. It should be wider and shaped slightly differently. The crochet, not the stuffing was the issue. The face came out too narrow to achieve the picture on the pattern. However, he still seems to be a popular toy, so I am not going to be too upset, just challenge myself to see if I can improve when making the next one.

This is an out of print pattern. For those who are looking it is Annie's Pattern Club Pattern, 87B54 Down on the Farm.

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