Friday, May 14, 2010

Barbie Pilgrim Outfit

I love sending little packages to celebrate the smaller holidays to the nieces and nephews. It can be challenging to find cute, affordable, fun items. I was excited to find this Pilgrim outfit in the Timeless Fashion Doll Wardrobe, Vol. 1, #495 from Shady Lane. This is a current pattern still available at
Shady Lane. I now only have two more to make before Thanksgiving.

The pattern calls for sports weight yarn, but I think I will try a different brand the next time I attempt this pattern. This was a little heavier than I would have preferred, although I liked the darker color. The shawl pattern worked out nicely and I plan to use that pattern for other doll outfits as well.

After finishing this blog I found free patterns for Barbie and Ken Pilgrim outifts. I still have not mastered crocheting over elastic, but these may be of interest to those who can handle that crocheting skill. Check out the Thanksgiving blog page for those free patterns.

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