Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amigurumi Finger Puppets

I have been looking for more finger puppet patterns since I made the dragons for Easter. I found a crochet book, but nothing that really appealed to me. Then I discovered an out of print pattern in my vintage pattern hunt. These finger puppets actually were created to look like Amigurumi animals that were not finished as animals but as finger puppets.

The cap next to the bear is the item crocheted for the actual finger puppet. The pattern than calls for the person making the item to turn the finger cap inside out creating a lip that can be sewn to the opening of the puppet. This allows the body of the puppet to be sealed. The head and body are one piece, but since the finger does not come near the head at all, safety eyes can be used on the project instead of sewing eyes. The pattern uses moveable eyes, but since I cannot find ones to sew on and I do not like the possibility of them falling off, I like the idea of substituting safety eyes.

Creating the finger cap was a creative way to make more detailed finger puppets. Many of the books and patterns I have looked at have had disappointing details in their patterns. Those that are detailed can be challenging to work on because of the small areas that they create the features. This patterns utilized skills I was already using in making my Ami's and added the basic finger puppet to the mix.

This bear still needs to be assembled but I wanted to document the process prior to putting him all together. The pattern has twelve creatures to create, but I can see how this technique could easily be applied to other small ami's.

See the finished bear blog entry here.

This was created from an out of print pattern, Leisure Arts Leaflet 435 1986, Finger Puppets 12 Designs To Crochet by Susan Pippin.

If you are looking for free finger puppet paterns please see the Finger Puppet Free Pattern Links Blog Page.

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