Monday, May 17, 2010

Fashion Doll Outfit Packaging

I make fashion doll clothes as gifts and I am finding as I get them ready to wrap that some are more complicated than others for children to put on the doll. When I was working on the outfits I had the completed pattern picture to work from when crocheting the project and then dressing the doll. I realized my recipients might also benefit from assistance so I decided to package the gifts so that the recipient could see how the outfit was supposed to look on the doll, not just have a series of clothing pieces.

During a discussion with my Aunt, she suggested this was a great idea to share with others, so I decided to take some pictures of the Pilgrim outfit packaging before it begins its journey. It is nothing fancy, but it does give the girl a picture of how the doll outfit looks when worn.

The process was as simple as printing the digital photograph I had already taken for the blog and sliding it into a storage bag. I had no idea that copy paper would even fit in a storage bag without needing to be sized. The baggie protects the dress for shipping or even provides simple storage. The child can keep the picture or not, just as they do with commercial packaging.

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