Monday, May 31, 2010

American Girl Knit Sun Dress

Mom and I have teamed up to dress some dolls this year. Our latest project is a Springfield doll. I got Mom started with the book this pattern comes from for Christmas and just loaded her up with a bunch of in print and out of print knitting and sewing patterns for 18" dolls and Barbie for her birthday and Mother's day. There will be some very well dressed dolls this Christmas. This dress is from the book below. I am anxiously awaiting the sewing projects Mom has cut out is working to assemble. She has promised me a pair of jeans so my doll will be decent when taking sweater and top pictures. I have yet to find a bottoms crochet pattern that does not require crocheting over elastic. While I am determined to learn, Mom and I agree it is best to keep the model modest when posting.

Mom is even heading home with her own Springfield doll to use as a model. We have both realized in working with Barbie the invaluable benefits of having a doll to try on the clothes as you are working on them. As I mentioned in a previous blog about my first dress attempt, if not for having the doll to try the dress on, I would have had no way of knowing the outfit did not fit. As frustrating as it is realizing I had to redo the dress top, it would have been far worse to mail the dress off and have the child not be able to use it.

For those looking for free patterns please check out the free
American Girl and 18" Doll page for crochet, knitting, and sewing links.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

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