Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skipper Witch Costume

This Skipper Halloween costume is adapted from a free Barbie Witch Costume Pattern. As I explained when I made the Betsy Ross Pattern Red Heart Sports Yarn is used instead of the Red Heart and Caron One Pound worsted weight yarn used for Barbie's outfit. The required 1/4" elastic was changed to 3" for the waist instead of the 4" the Barbie pattern uses.

As you can see from my picture, I did not change to orange as the pattern suggested. I preferred the solid black to the orange accents. However, there should be no problem for anyone adapting the pattern to add the orange should they choose.

I loved the idea of adding the mask although it did take a little work to get it right. Not having made the Barbie Witch, I do not know if similar problems exist if you make the pattern with the heavier worsted weight yarn. The hat worked up well and I am thinking about playing with it as a second option for the American Girl. The original Barbie pattern does include arms, but as I explained before, dressing skipper with her bent arms can prove challenging. I need to experiment more to make them user friendly.

Next year I think I will switch and make Skipper a Ghost Costume and send Barbie a Witch Costume.

I am currently working on an American Girl Doll Witch Costume combining multiple free patterns. I will post about that when I am finished.

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