Friday, July 22, 2011

Ami Ami Dogs

I borrowed the library's copy of Ami Ami Dogs: Seriously Cute Crochet to review the book prior to purchasing.

This book uses traditional Japanese chart methods for recording amigurumi patterns rather than the way American books tend to use words to record crochet toy patterns. This can be confusing if you have not used charts. However, it is a chance to learn the method, which is common in amigurumi's that originate in Japan. Those not familiar with Japanese amigurumi may be confused with some of the language. The author uses the word knitting for crochet and some of the sewing terms are not used in ways familiar to Americans. If have previous experience with ami's the language should not be an issue.

The pictures that illustrate creating the basic dog are detailed. Considering the language differences, they provide great explanations for constructing the toys. The instructions for assembling the toys are very descriptive. With the added illustrations, it is easy to work through the differences in language. I have never read an ami pattern with the level of detail for assembly that this author has included for each of the dogs.

I have a hard time reading charts while working on crocheting. I know others who prefer the charts. While I like the dogs, I have to consider if I want to work through writing out the patterns so my brain can handle the process of reading and crocheting at the same time. Since I have a long list of patterns that are written in a format that is easy for me to read, I am not sure this is going to be on my list for now.

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