Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colonial Hello Kitty

Armina Ami-Nals' Hello Kitty patterns have been a great help and inspiration for creating my own Hello Kitty's. Her witch pattern is still my basic body pattern, but I have expanded my dress making techniques to include my experience with doll clothes. For those of you interested in patterns, you can find links to her free patterns and others on the Hello Kitty page.

The cap was developed using the free Betsy Ross Barbie crochet pattern. I followed the patterns suggested increases until it was big enough for the Kitty's head.

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Maggi said...

Ha, that Colonial HK is the best!

Joy said...

How cute is that!!

D. Heath said...

I like this better than the original Hello Kitty, lol. Super cute!

C.Mahan said...

awww shes cute

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