Tuesday, July 19, 2011

American Girl Witch Costume

I thought I was done with doll's clothes for the Halloween season after completing this outfit but was reminded I left out Stacie, one of Barbie's sisters. I have few Stacie patterns, but will have to see if I can modify something for her to wear.

I started with the idea of making a witch costume for the American Girl using Bizzy Crochet's Fun and Funky Free Witch Costume. While hers is beautifully colored, my goal was to make a solid black outfit. I did well with the hat, but found the dress was more challenging than I was prepared to handle that day. So I decided to resort to my favorite free Pilgrim Pattern and play with that pattern. I shortened the dress, added increases to make the skirt fuller and used the same edgings as the free Barbie Witch Costume to decorate the arms and the skirt.

The outfit was created using Caron One Pound Yarn. I used Red Heart Super Saver for the basket.

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