Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mummy Amigurumi

As I mentioned in my birthday post, I had been looking for a Mummy pattern when I found Halloween Ghoulies at Crochet Village. I put the pattern on my birthday list and was very happy when it was one of the ones my husband selected.

This was the first of my birthday patterns I crocheted. I used Caron One Pound yarn. One change I would make next time is to use sports yarn and adjust the required stitches to make the bandages. The worsted weight yarn made the bandages just a little to thick to work with when wrapping the mummy body.

I did change the pattern by adding saftey eyes instead of crocheting the eyes. My wrapping pattern was different than the one in the pattern picture. Another pattern alteration I made is that my Mummy stands. The one in the picture is sitting. I am looking forward to making more mummies in the future.

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1 comment:

Joy said...

Cute mummy!! I love the bandages the way you've done them. :D

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