Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Gift Card Presents

My MIL gave me a Michael's gift card for my birthday. I have a fairly good yarn stash at the moment so I decided to look at their book section. I picked up Simply Amigurumi: 10 Crochet Projects and 99 Granny Squares to Crochet (Leisure Arts #3078).

I have looked at the granny square book online and in person several times. It is always just off my top list of books to buy. However, with a limited selection at Michaels, I finally had a great excuse to buy it. I love the patterns and look forward to playing with them.

Simply Amigurumi was another book I had considered buying, but there were always other books ahead on my list. I love the food patterns in this book. I already have completed the hamburger and will be blogging about that this week. The animals are cute, but I would probably not have purchased it for the animals alone.

The unexpected benefit of buying this book was the directions. I have tried to master the magic circle for ages. I have looked at online videos, read several directions, and even had an instructor try to explain it at an amigurumi class I took at the local library. I would "sort" of get it, but not be able to replicate the circle again. When I saw the magic circle in this book, I figured I would substitute my alternate method for starting a circle. However as I looked at the pictures, something clicked and I decided to try it. I still cannot make one without looking at the picture. However, I am making Candy Corn Man from Crochet Village's Halloween Ghoulies using magic circles. I have to look at the book to do it, but eventually I think I will be able to memorize the process.

I still have a little money left on my card for some yarn or notions. Gift cards make for shopping fun.


Joy said...

Yay! I think there are 101 ways to make a magic circle, I'm glad you found one that works for you!

Maggi said...

I am the same way with magic circles, sometimes I master it and the next time I go to do it, there's no way! lol Great books you got!

Maggi said...

The magic circle always causes me problems too, lol. Happy belated birthday, great book choices!

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