Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Knitted Dinosaur Book

I have been slowly converting Mom to making knitted toys. I keep purchasing knitted doll clothes and toy patterns. I recently purchased several of Jean Greenhowe's knitted books to put away for Christmas and was surprised to find a collection of knitted dinosaurs in Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection.

The book includes patterns for three knitted dinosaurs and cavemen. The cavemen could easily be converted into little people for those interested in making a variety of play sets.

The book also includes patterns for knitted teddy bears, an octopus, Christmas patterns, and bunnies.

Many people ask me where to find dinosaur patterns and I know I am always looking for new crochet dino patterns. Since these patterns are hidden inside a book, it seemed like a good idea to share my find with others.

As of this blog post, this book is still in print. I have seen it offered at second hand stores for more than the price of a new copy. I buy many second hand pattern books and it is important to check to make sure the books are out of print to determine if the value of the book has increased.

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FreelancingMom said...

I love making toys, but have focused mainly on crochet. These patterns sound lovely though!

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