Monday, August 22, 2011

Candy Corn Afghan

I finally finished the afghan and it will be off to its new home at the end of the month. A picture I saw a while back inspired me to make one of my own. The picture had nine points. I had the Circus Star blanket from B Is for Baby published by Annie's Attic. I worked out the math to add another star and I then had my basic plan for the nine-star blanket. When I make the Circus Star blanket to get to the gauge I have to go down to a M Crochet Hook. I wanted the center tighter for this pattern so I started with a K Crochet Hook and then switched back to the M when I finished the center section.

The blanket was made with Caron One Pound yarn most of which I had in my stash. Unfortunately, I did not have enough black to complete the afghan project. However, I had just brought Caron black at a sale to use on my first chart project. I am going to attempt to make an afghan for a Christmas present from a pattern I found in an old magazine. More on that later if my attempt works. Thankfully, I hit a sale on Saturday and was able to replace the black. Once the purples I had to order come in, I can start on that experiment.

The appliqu├ęs were made from a free thread pattern which I then substituted worsted weight yarn to complete. The pattern is Treat Buddies and it is available at Free Patterns. I give you the pattern name because if you are not logged in their links can be challenging. Once at the site you can search by name if the link does not bring you right there.

This is about the size of an adult lap throw. I tried it out before I finished it off and it will cover me up while sitting on the couch. I find it hard to judge size when looking at pictures. I was not sure how big the one I saw on the Internet was when I started to make mine. However, I had a target size in mind. I wanted it to be an adult sized throw that was holiday oriented, but still provided warmth during the cooling fall season.

Free Holiday Patterns Available on the Following Blog Pages:

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C.Mahan said...

OH! I love this!! Candy corn was one of my faves as a kid. This turned out awesome!

Sheltie Times said...

Thanks for the compliment. It felt good to step out and try something like this without the pattern in hand. I am pleased with the way it came out.

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