Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finished my Swap

I finished the last item for my swap partner and boxed the items for shipment last night. I was excited to finish and cannot wait to find out if she liked the items. I have many pictures to post and projects to discuss once I know she has received the items. I had lots of fun making them.

I have a project from the last Crochet Today that I blogged about earlier almost finished for my Halloween box. I sent a slightly different version to my swap partner. I am thinking about adapting it to a Thanksgiving theme for the next holiday box. I will post pictures of both soon.

I am on the fence about starting a granny star Halloween afghan to put in the box. I saw a picture of one recently and think I have a pattern I can adapt. It would be a fun decorative item and I do have some time before the box needs to ship, but I also have some charity donations I want to get done, too. There is always the time factor. Then again, if I do not finish it prior to shipping I can always keep it here and make one to ship next year.

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