Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Birthday Patterns

My Mom and my husband's Aunt were kind enough to give me money for my birthday this year. When possible DH and I have treated birthday money as our "mad money" free to spend it or save it for some future treat. Since I have been on a pattern binge, I decided to pull off a few more patterns on my wish list. I decided to divide my list into pre and post Christmas items. There are items I want to make before Christmas and those that will make great presents for after Christmas. As I keep finding new patterns, the list keeps growing and it is hard to choose.

Shortly after I gave my husband my wish list, I got notice that Planet June had published her third set of dino's. So the first item on my list was of course Dinosaur Set 3. This is the dino set I have seen with an ankylosaurus. It is on my Christmas project list.

The next item to make my list was a set of super heroes. This has a broad appeal across my gift list. This Set of 3 Hero has patterns for Superman, Spiderman, and Batman. I am looking forward to getting started on these.

The Pirates were actually on my birthday list and did not make the cut, so they were clearly going to make the list when I found I had extra money to spend. I love Craft Deb's items and cannot wait to get started on these.

Now I had to look more carefully at the money I had left and figure out which patterns would fit in to the money I had left.

Christmas Crochet Pattern Collection is a series of crochet Christmas characters and fits into my idea of making crochet Little People substitutes. Since they are Christmas characters having them before would make them more useful. Thus, they made the cut as well.

Last on the list was the Gnome Home. I love the idea of a crochet toy village for kids. The gnomes in this village seem to fit the Waldorf concept of creating play that is more imaginative. I am continuing to look for more village pieces and am considering changing the colors to try to make a Christmas themed child friendly village.

I am very grateful to Mom and my Aunt for letting me have these wonderful patterns to make items for family and friends. I am working on increasing my donations so this gives me more options to make toys as well.

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