Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Yellow House is Closing

Update for the fans of Happy Yellow House free patterns. She has posted an additional notice on her website to indicate her patterns will be hosted on Ravelry in their free pattern library. You do have to be a member to access them, but membership is free. It will likely take some time to get them posted so you still may want to download your copies now and keep Ravelry as a backup if you lose yours.

C.L. Halvorson at Happy Yellow House has announced that she will not be renewing her ISP and will be closing her website on September 9, 2011. After she closes her site, I will start the process of removing the dead links from this blog. She was kind enough to make an announcement before closing and is encouraging people to download or print the free patterns before that date. I thought I would spread the word so others would not be disappointed to find a favorite link gone as many of us have experienced.

I have saved the toy patterns I would like to experiment with in the future for my personal use and will work on getting to the other items before the closing date.

Our best wishes got out to her and her family regarding their plans for the future.

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