Friday, August 19, 2011

Halloween Package Should be Done Next Week

I love the way the afghan is coming along. I am so excited to take pictures and show it off. I am completing the final dc rows and deciding how big it is going to be. Then I will just have to do the finishing rows. The goal is to get it to adult throw size. I am almost there now. For the final finishing touch, I have to make the candy corn appliqu├ęs and it will be finished and ready to send. The last toy will not take long to complete and the crochet side of this package will be ready to mail. Next, I have to approach the attic and dig out the stuff I put in the present box for Halloween and I can box this and send it out at the beginning of the month. I want the kids to have a chance to play with the toys and enjoy the books in the box before the holiday. So, with shipping this will give them a few extra weeks in September along with the month of October to enjoy them.

Then I have to split my time between a several projects. I still have those dinos I am hoping to donate. I have Christmas afghans I want to complete. There is one in chart form and I have never attempted a chart before so that could prove challenging. I promised to help a family member with an 18" doll clothes making project. Those are just the items at the top of the crochet challenge. The list is long, but it is good to have goals.

Next week I hope to start having pictures to add again.

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