Friday, December 8, 2017

Baby Doll Diaper Bag

When possible I like to add fun extras to the doll donations so kids don't just get the doll, they get fun stuff that adds to the joy of playing with the doll. This year both the 15 and 16 inch baby dolls got their own diaper bags. Several years ago I got the gift of a pattern for a diaper bag that included a changing pad, wipes, and a bottle. The pattern is no longer available for purchase as a separate item you have to purchase it with the doll pattern so the price has gone up. For those of you interested the pattern is available for purchase here.

I try to challenge myself and include stuff I think kids would enjoy playing with as I make these items. I had hoped to get further but life often intrudes. I introduced play food and only got one jar of carrots made. Perhaps next year I can do better. The pattern I used was free and available here. This pattern also included the bib I made for both doll bags.

Lastly what is a diaper bag without at least one diaper? This has been my go to free pattern for diapers and thankfully it fits the new 16 inch baby doll too. As I went to share the pattern I found the blog has gone and even the wayback machine can't find it sadly to share with you. Update to say the Wayback machine came through at least for a short while. They don't hold on to entries forever so if you want it I suggest you download the pattern from here. One more lesson that we should always copy and save the patterns we love because there is no telling when they are going to leave the Internet never to be seen again.

I'm not going to jinx myself by saying I hope to get more done next year on the diaper bags. That seems to be the kiss of death. I will say they were a huge hit when I dropped them off at Aztec Wishes. The accessories were the hit of the day. I will have to see what I can do. I'm already trying to see what I can find for cotton colors for the bags. Our local yarn places don't seem to carry the big cotton handicrafter yarn that I used to use for these and had been using up back stock to make them. I may have to resort to ordering online. That is for another time.

I am pleased to note I did finish up the first baby doll donation for 2018, which I can hopefully post about once I've finished documenting the year that was 2017.

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