Saturday, December 23, 2017

Water Bottle Carrier

This was the second Christmas project that came from my purchase of All About Cotton | Crochet | Leisure Arts (7055) and it covered more people.

My niece's boys and girl like having water bottles or refillable bottles with them and they often tire of carrying them. I have a backpack with places to carry bottles, but there are places now that restrict bags that can't be seen through. So, I thought these carriers might work as an alternative. It allows the kids to bring their drinks in a see through carrier and it keeps me from having to carry them or throw them out because nobody wants to haul them around in their hands.

I also made one for an older niece who is in a high school program that requires her to have a reusable water bottle. Again it doesn't hurt to have something that makes it easier to carry. I'll know after Christmas how they are received, but they were a simple inexpensive project, so it was worth a try.

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