Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Halloween Crochet Gifts for Baby

One of the reasons I fell behind this year on my donations were the wonderful additions of babies to the family. Cousins on both sides had or are having girls this year and with that came lots of additional crocheting.

I have always loved celebrating the various holidays and engaging kids in finding fun in each one. Is it ever too young to start? This year I explored some themes I'd never really done much with including baby bibs. This was a Halloween package I sent out to family to celebrate their daughter's first Halloween.

This lovey blanket came from an old Crochet Today pattern I've used several times. It is a fun cute flip lovey pattern, simple to make and seems to be a kid pleaser.

I'd never really worked with children's bib's before. I'd made a few for the baby dolls, but this holiday project provided a challenge. Lion Brand provided some free bib patterns and I decided to use Knit Picks cotton yarn to make them. You can find the free Jack O'Lantern Pattern here. The Can D Corn bib can be found here.

I also wanted to branch out and try something new with texture so I bought Crochet Village's Picking a Pumpkin Pattern available here to add some texture to my pumpkins. I really like how these came out and hope to add some to my own pumpkin patch next year.

I'm slowly getting caught up in my retrospective of the year.

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