Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thanksgiving Crochet Baby Bib

People may wonder why document so long after an event, well honestly if I look back at the stuff I've done several years ago, I'm often amazed at what I did. I might have thought I'd never have forgotten THAT project, but sure enough with time it faded and it is a wonderful feeling to go back and see what I did accomplish, sometimes cringing, but for the most part happy to see what I did and how I've grown. What frustrated me about the Thanksgiving box is I didn't get pictures of most of it. I sent out this bib along with Pete and Patty Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Girl Lovey. I also made the original Christmas version that I adapted to make this Thanksgiving bib from when I couldn't find one I liked. You can purchase that pattern here. For those who are interested I used Knit Picks cotton for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was affordable and works up nicely for kids bibs.

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