Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Donations from Friends

This summer I received a package from a dear friend Tampa Doll from Crochetville filled with wonderful doll goodies for my donation. She is always supportive not just with her donations but with her kind words and thoughts. The students like my donations, but there is a cool factor in knowing their cause goes beyond state borders and inspires people to send stuff for them to give to kids.

I also have to thank the people who have gifted me patterns and other crochet related items over the years when Crochetville had wishlists or swaps. Those patterns still get used every year for these projects. I still have a pouch of buttons one of my swap partners sent me I'm working my way through as I make my doll clothes. The Valentine's hat was sporting a special button I found in there. I can't tell you how many other buttons I pulled out over the years to use on other projects. It has been a gold mine.

Then there are those who write and post the free patterns I use again and again. I posted a note to the woman who offered the free doll carrier pattern on Ravelry and got a nice response in return last week. It is important we recognize and honor the people who help us continue to do our work. Darski thank you. You have supported me through the years with physical donations, but I can't tell you how many times I've pulled out one of your patterns, my favorite being the We Gather, to pull off another donation. Even when you can't crochet your thoughtful sharing of your patterns continues to create charitable works.

So thanks to all of you for spreading good will and cheer.

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